I was so tired and all the driving didn’t really help with all the soaring issues that needed to be sorted out in the following week. Today was just one of those days where I had decided to dress like a hippie, hair all miserable, and my old Dartmouth T-shirt on, and ear phones to... Continue Reading →


How virtual are you?

I’m a millennial and I have a life. I like old books, coffee, travelling, and long naps. But if you really wanted to know me you’d want to go through my cell phone. The other day I had a water leak in my bag and some of the leaked water entered the circuitry of my... Continue Reading →

Home – Two nations, one roof

To the people who took me in so I could carry on, Home. What does that 4 letter word mean to you? A roof? Your parents? Your sibling? Your best friend? Your dog? Let me tell you what it really means, two eyes and a heartbeat. A living, breathing person that lets you see yourself... Continue Reading →

In Between.

The world’s a cruel place. You don’t know what cards you’re going to be dealt with when you wake up tomorrow or if there ever will be a tomorrow. Do you remember when you were a kid and couldn’t wait to grow up? How does it feel right now? Are you everything you hoped you’d... Continue Reading →

Be brave.

“Rant. Keep it coming. I promise you’re just  getting started”, she said with a smirk. “Well, that’s just comforting”, I went on with the cue eye rolls. “That piece of shit. I mean who does that? All those months and I know I haven’t exactly been myself either”. “Welcome back to planet earth woman”, she... Continue Reading →

A Scribbled Story.

22nd October, 2016 I’m struggling with conversations. No I don’t mean the kind where a person starts fumbling at words with anxiety but that I’m actually out of things to say to people. There is nothing wrong with the universe, they’re just wrong for me. The wrong ones surround me and the right ones are... Continue Reading →

Dream a little dream of me

Mitral valve replacements and heart failures. The conference went on and so did the snooze fest. Her classes had taught her to break everything down to a molecular level but most days all she wanted was to feel the surface, rugged and uneven in all its glory. She simply existed in a space where she... Continue Reading →

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