I know you wanted it to last longer than it did. You wanted to hold the two of you there for just one more second because you want to end this where you began, in love. But you can’t.


There will never be enough time.

I need you to listen, and listen carefully love. It’s the new year and you’ve finally learnt to leave all the old wounds behind but there’s something else you’re about to learn and I promise you, it will change everything, forever.

I do believe.

I’m an atheist. I’m not endorsing this in anyway but it simply is who I am. I lived through 16 years of being forcefully made to stand in front of what my parents believe to be the force that will decide my redemption, if I will ever receive heaven or rise again in another existence,... Continue Reading →

Good night.

I was too foreign for home, too foreign for here and just never enough for both. I was never meant to stay.

Fate and I.

I sleep that night, not peacefully and I toss and turn till my body is paralyzed. I had questions I needed answered today but my mother refused to tell me truth, so I conjure my own. I dreamt of what fate had to say to me and that was a voice I’d never forget. “You’ve... Continue Reading →

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