How virtual are you?

I’m a millennial and I have a life. I like old books, coffee, travelling, and long naps. But if you really wanted to know me you’d want to go through my cell phone. The other day I had a water leak in my bag and some of the leaked water entered the circuitry of my laptop and alas when I got home, it wouldn’t charge. It gave me half a heart attack because I wasn’t sure if I’d just lost some absolutely important data and I that laptop was my baby and I took care of it more than I took care of my own sibling.

On a normal day, I’m an absolute pessimist but that day when my friend, an absolutely brilliant Samaritan called to tell me I could wrap up my laptop in uncooked rice and it would absorb the water from the circuitry. The typical Indian who likes to bargain over an Rs.50 earring would rather have a bag of rice fix her laptop than a HP Service centre who might take Rs. 5000 instead. The laptop worked the following morning, but the brain wonders, what if this was my phone instead? The pessimist was back.

I’m always a call or a text way and suddenly what if I couldn’t be?

The entire convenience surrounding my life would shatter following my phone breaking down. I’d miss out on group chats with quirky emoticons, words that would be so much easier to take in over a text than have the courage to ever say them to someone’s face(that’s a psychologically proven fact by the way) and mostly social media that lets the average  human get a legal means to breach someone’s privacy. We’ve all been there, done that.

There’s an app for everything that could replace the person sitting right next to you. Why would anyone ever feel the nostalgia of the 1800’s again when you could feel the emotion through a Skype call and rant out in 1080 p or full HD? Why meet and date like regular people when Tinder was presenting to you the ideal soul mate? Indian parents have a fascination for IIT and IIM graduates and how much easier would their life be if the average relative could be burnt with the fact that their child was married to a person with the most esteemed qualification in the country. Yes, there’s an app for that too. Prove me wrong if you aren’t thinking about searching for it on your play store, having a good laugh, screenshoting it and sending it to your online BFF with the caption LOL. Why ever be there, when all you needed was to have a much better virtual presence?

Polaroids took a back seat when a selfie came along. 21 Megapixels and each image being around 6-7MB and showing off my jaw line was all I needed to forget about a DSLR. I have an all in one. So as a millennial, if walk out without my phone, I’m walking out without my brain. I don’t control my phone, it controls me and I’ll let it till the battery dies and the universe surrounds me again.

So, ask yourself, will let you let anything besides an electronic device that fits perfectly in your pocket represent all your being, or would you just say this again, I’m a millennial and I have a life?


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