In Between.

The world’s a cruel place. You don’t know what cards you’re going to be dealt with when you wake up tomorrow or if there ever will be a tomorrow. Do you remember when you were a kid and couldn’t wait to grow up? How does it feel right now? Are you everything you hoped you’d be? Has your dream job or dream destination arrived? Did you meet the love of your life yet? Are you satisfied?  Do you have what it takes to truly be happy?

In case you don’t have all of the above figured out, then take a seat and let’s talk. I’m trying to guess which one of you is reading this. Maybe you’re an academic that just wants that break from life, maybe you’re a guitarist, and maybe you’re that beloved poet. What makes you tick? If you’re that Indian who’s getting a high over electrical sciences, I’m happy for you. If not, even better. I’m your average person who has her life planned out, a degree in 2 years, a Masters in the next two after that, to work till I die. There’s a beauty in routine but there’s ecstasy in adventure.

The truth is every single one of you will have that, your degree, job or the good old wife. But how are you different from any of the rest of us? What’s your in between the beginning and the end that will define you? Come on, you want a story, something you want to shout to the rest of the world. Now walk that extra mile. I’m walking with you. Not to be dramatic, but you’re probably smiling right now because I know you don’t remember what you had for breakfast last morning or the last time you had a good nap. What was your in between that first meal and crashing on your bed?

Did you talk to your mother yesterday? I’m not talking about the general mumble or yelling where she tries to get your ass out of bed. Did you smile at her, hug her because she is, after all your mom.Are you ignoring your friends because of work? It’s not work, its priorities. Your work will not wake up in the morning and tell you it hates you, but the people around you do matter. What’s all the money for if you’re eating that pizza alone? Joey did not share food, but Joey at the end of the day was a F.R.I.E.N.D. And so are you. Pick up that phone right now and make that call. Meet a friend you haven’t talked in months and catch up.  Tell that girl you’ve been crushing on since 2nd grade that you adore her. It doesn’t matter if she says no, but you’ll have your peace.  Stop the small talk, there’s more than a hi or a bye that you can say to a person. Take a minute to not judge them and say something silly. It’s worth making someone laugh in a world that tries to break your spirit every chance it gets.

Some days the universe will sleep, on the rest, you shall be its centre. And just to make up for the days where you will be ignored, set off on an adventure of your own. Steal a candy from a 5 year old when their mother isn’t looking; swim when you were always terrified of water. Live, because everyone breathes oxygen, but you will set someone free. Eat that extra donut because while burning calories is important, feeding your soul is too.

Sit down and listen to someone rant. They need it right now more than you’ll ever know. Listen to someone else’s playlist, and you’d have known them better. Ask your dad about his childhood and ask him why he is the way he is. Be kind to a stranger, you never know what a person is going through. Dance at a party even if you have two left feet.

Take a minute of your day to remember the ones that were there for you. Because I’ll be there when you’re studying and working, but you’ll remember me so much more when I listened to your heart speak. So go, take care of yourself and excel in life, but don’t forget to savour your in between.


A girl who lived.


14 thoughts on “In Between.

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    1. I wanted to be a female musketeer when I grew up. You know like athos, pathos, aramis and D.’artagnan. I also wanted to be Zoro, the Swamp fox and a Regulator.
      My younger me, I guess wanted to be on a life long adventure. Some days I see that person in who I am now, many days I’m lost in the day to day grind. Thank you for this reminder.


  1. This is a really well-written piece. I like to think i’m savouring the in-between, especially since i’m finishing up with my final year and just enjoying the time off the headache that is Christ University.
    Keep going, XULEE1 ❤


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