Taking yourself out to a movie shouldn’t be that uncommon. I mean, you can show up late, or after the trailer, slouch, maybe even fart, and not share your popcorn. But societal cues dictate that the presence of another soul is necessary to enjoy a scene which by the way you’d watch with your eyes... Continue Reading →


The Parking Lot

“Seriously then, is there anything you like about me at all? How is this, us, supposed to ever work if you dislike the fundamental concept of me?” you said half yelling, half-anxious and I was perplexed. Your voice echoed through the empty, very hollow parking lot clear as a cloudless sky. “What could possibly make... Continue Reading →

Mother Knows Best.

You want to go outside? Why, Rapunzel! Look at you, as fragile as a flower still a little sapling, just a sprout you know why we stay up in this tower


I Love You, Soon?

I’m going to stop wasting time because I’m picking you every day we got together however long this lasts, so here goes: I love you, soon?


We’ve forgotten how to say goodbye.

Saying goodbye is like a language we unlearn as we move to another country only to forget our roots.


What is happiness, anyway?

“Lexie, how do we get this right? Adulting?” “Tell me what’s wrong and I’ll tell you how to fix it. Simple.” I said.


The Letter I Never Posted.

Because I do believe that even if it was for a little while we were meant to be.


New Year Resolutions Of A 7 year old

My daddy is a writer. Yesterday he taught me a new word: laughter. I still don’t understand why there is a “ug” instead of a F.


How Do We End?

Life comes with no warnings and neither did you. It’s like winning the lottery without ever buying the ticket really.


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