Take care of her

“Take care of her”, I said and my mind takes me to the one place I didn’t think about as much now. 4 years ago: “You know, if you’d bother to dress up for one moment, we’d have had better pictures at his birthday party”, she’s mock me as she poked her finger at my... Continue Reading →



You were 5 years old when you looked at her and thought – that one, yes, I pick that one and you knew in all heart of hearts that if you had to get through the gruesome alphabets, it was with her.

I’m someone I want to meet.

I wanted someone to say, “You’re everything I know you are, tonight you’ll let go of every inhibition and walk out that door and change the world. You’ll break all the walls you’ve built and leave the door open so someone can see you”.

The itch.

There’s a line I keep listening to on repeat : “When my time comes Forget the wrong that I've done Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed And don't resent me And when you're feeling empty Keep me in your memory Leave out all the rest”. My parents come from a generation where... Continue Reading →

I’d know you in a song.

Never share your playlist with just anyone. I’m sure it’s filled with all the crap you accumulated over the years and refuse to delete and the ones in which your soul lies. There are two kinds of people you’ll meet, just like the playlist, the kind you don’t delete even though you should because nostalgia... Continue Reading →

Leave, if you must?

To the person who I keep holding on for, Here’s how a story starts: Imagine yourself in a room full of people, laughing, smiling, and ecstatic in discussion. I’m in the room. More often than not, it’s the loudest person in the room who’s facilitating whatever narration or dirty joke that cracks them up. It’s... Continue Reading →

Holding On And Letting Go.

July 21st, 2017 Reminder to self: The person, who can make you feel everything good, is also the one who can make you feel like nothing. Connecting and loving a person isn’t hard. It’s about letting them go after everything they’ve done for you because of everything they’ve done to you. It’s hard because unknowingly,... Continue Reading →

Well, this is the best thing I’ve read in a while

“My mind was spinning. Love with a Chance of Drowning was due to publish in three months time but the love itself was drowning.” Torre DeRoche had to promote her memoir at the same time she and her partner had split. At The Fearful Adventurer, she explains what happens. via A Very Awkward Breakup — Discover

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